".. Augustus appears bent on pushing listeners toward something with sweat and bones and teeth, toward something ten miles down the road you never saw coming." - Pete Laffin, Bolderbeat

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Critically acclaimed 4th studio record ‘Idle’ now available everywhere

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DeaR Fans,


We're experimenting with new ways to support the band so we can continue making music. In addition to working on new studio material, we decided to create acoustic versions, demos and director's cuts of songs you've never heard before. We want to share it so you can grab a piece of it every month. Check out the video for more details.

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- Jim Herlihy of Augustus







"A band transformed.  From their humble acoustic beginnings in 2013, to their current status as a full time 4pc touring rock band, Augustus continues to push the boundaries while delivering honest original songs.  The band has released 4 critically acclaimed albums... "

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